Monday, September 17, 2007

iRick (or is it eRick?)

I was browsing for theatre podcasts this morning to see what might turn up (never having accessed any before), and came across a site called The Barestage Theatre, which includes new works and radio plays. It required that I install iTunes, which I've certainly heard of but never thought to add to my computer previously. I knew that iTunes charges 99 cents a song, but didn't realize that its podcasts are "100% free".

Anyway, everything seems to be turning i-This or e-That in this age--until the next "lower case letter phenomenon" is created.

But does an "i" before my name imply I'm an Apple product or user? Is an "e" too generic or ubiquitous? Please help me decide which letter I should be...I'm at a total loss and my entire identity is at stake here!

Until next time...


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