Monday, September 24, 2007

Angels Win AL West Division Title

Not having attended many of the games this year due to work and travel and lethargy, we've nonetheless kept close tabs on the Angels season and watched many of the games at home.

Yesterday was the final home game of the regular season, and the Angels had lost two straight games to Seattle, failing to wrap up their Division title as neatly as everyone seemed to expect.

They were just waiting for us to be in the stands when they did that, I'm convinced!

It was an exciting game, too. Even though there were no lead changes, the Mariners threatened several times, but we kept adding "insurance" runs.

The mood was ecstatic at the end, but now comes the tough part--playing against the 3 best American League teams in the playoffs--Boston, Cleveland and New York.

You can bet we'll be at those home playoff games!

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