Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black Sheep Candidate

When I was little, on the few times when we visited New York from the various air force bases my father was stationed, I'd meet a lot of old people who were "relatives," but I had not idea how. There was an Aunt Fannie and an ancient Sophie, and my cheeks always hurt whenever I saw them. (Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey should be asked if pinching children's cheeks could be considered torture!)

Sophie Worth was 100 years old when she died in 1977, and I knew nothing about her except that she was one of the cheek-pinchers. I recently heard stories about her that make her a viable candidate for "black sheep" of our family.

She was married to a Louis Wortikovich, who changed his name to Worth, but I have no idea when or where or how long he lived.

She is rumored to have been a call girl and to have had an abortion.

At the time I knew her, she certainly seemed to adore little children, and I assumed it was because she had none of her own. After hearing these stories, though, I wondered if she had become unable to conceive as a result of the abortion.

She was as lively a character as any old lady can be in the memory of a child who only saw her a few times, and then only briefly, so I guess she was somewhat of a "hottie"!

Other "black sheep" candidates tomorrow.

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