Saturday, February 6, 2010

The wolf in sheep's clothing campaign ad

Heard about this on KPCC-FM (NPR) yesterday but forgot to check it out. Then, I was checking Rex Parker's New York Times crossword puzzle blog (where he post-mortems the puzzles), about the Thursday puzzle, which was a fun challenge that I completed.

He shares at the end of it the clip of this campaign ad and then comments the following:

Just saw this a couple minutes ago. So ... the people of CA are ... sheep? And Tom Campbell ... well, let's see. He used to be a sheep, but then he got caught on one of those meadow pedestals and when he fell back to earth he was a guy, but he still wanted to have sex with sheep, I think, so he made this vaguely sheep-like costume but forgot that sheep don't have glowing red eyes unless they are really drunk or possessed by demons, so Carly whoever, who won't show her face because staring at it would be like staring at the face of God — awesome but blinding —she noticed Tom "Fake Sheep" Campbell and is now telling the other sheep all about it. I could be wrong.

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