Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who knew?

When I was young, I had a strong interest in things Jewish and became observant, initially pursuing a path I thought would lead me to become a rabbi (but led instead to a different religion: theatre!).

Over the years, I certainly retained some interest in the subject--but not much more than reading reviews of books in the New York Times Book Review section or keeping tabs on Israel. I attended the rare Passover seder, and I certainly had an affinity for some plays (which I directed) that had Jewish characters in them. (For a time, I joked that I was an expert in "old Jewish man" plays). And I directed an Israeli play last year in its American premiere, too.

Since that time, though, I've been increasingly invited to participate in Jewish-related projects. From speaking at the IsraDrama 2007 in Tel Aviv to dramaturging a new Jewish-themed monodrama for a small theatre in Melbourne, Australia, to having my piece on Israeli theatre featured as the lead in a special section in the new issue of AMERICAN THEATRE magazine, to being invited to speak about that at the Association for Jewish Theatre conference later this month, to being invited to consider involvement in an international Jewish theatre festival, to being invited to help produce a "King Lear" with Israeli and Palestinian actors, and being invited to join some Middle East peace-related organizations.

I'm not complaining. (So, stop kvetching!)

I don't contemplate this dominating my professional and personal life in the future (though one never knows, of course), but it's one of those interesting twists of fate that regardless of how far you stray from them, your roots are still your roots.

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