Friday, February 22, 2008

Faceless on Facebook

Back in the summer, someone convinced me that I really needed to sign up on MySpace. Eventually I did. Then someone else told me that MySpace is "so last year," and that Facebook is where it's really at. Eventually I signed up for Facebook.

I hardly gave a thought to either after the initial process of signing up, until recently--for reasons I'm not really sure of.

Anyway, I began to figure out some of its features and to search for and discover that some people I know are on it, too. So, over the past few days, I've wrangled up a whopping 22 "friends", all marked by "avatars" on my Facebook "friends list." (Avatars are icons representing a person or group, usually that person's photograph.)

But my book of faces has one friend who is, well, faceless. On Facebook, that means the avatar is a big calligraphic question mark. Interestingly, my faceless friend is someone I have never met personally and know only from the Trip Advisor Israel Forum as a regular fellow contributor. Perhaps one day I will see what she looks like!

Oh, and I've posted some favorite recent photos on my Facebook page--but the only way you'll ever get a chance to see them is if you are a Facebook member and invite me to be your friend.

I guess I'll be waiting, but I won't hold my breath!

Until next time...


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